Clipping Path Service Price Details
Service Details With Price
Simple clipping path = $0.49
Medium clipping path= $0.89
Complex clipping path= $2.69
Super complex clipping path = $3.59
Multiple clipping path =$4.49
Photoshop image masking Services
Service Details With Price
Layer Masking .99$
Alpha Channel Masking 1.49$
Fur & Hair Masking 1.99$
Refine Edge Masking 2.49$
Color Masking 2.49$
Photo retouch Services Price Details
Service Details With Price
Glamour Retouching (Digital Makeover)= $5.49
Face and Portrait Retouching (Natural Look)= $4.49
Photography Retouching= $1.99
High End Jewelry Image Retouching= $3.49
Unwanted Object Removing= $0.99
High-End Beauty Retouching=$5.99
Background Object Retouching=$1.89
Wedding Photo Retouching= $1.49
Image Color Correction Price Details
Service Details With Price
Color correction and Editing .35$
Pattern Change .35$
Creative Editing Service
Service Details With Price
Pen Tablet .35$
Space Management job .35$
Vector illustration _ Conversion .35$